Contre Les Heresies. Livre 1, Tome 1, Edition Critique par Jacques Schlosser

The Catholic Epistles and the tradition
par Jacques Schlosser

This book is a collection of papers from the JBL, (Journees Bibliques de Louvain) of 2003. It starts with a study of Catholic epistles as literary corpus, identified as such well before conclusion of the canon, and posessing their own theological coherence. The majority of contributions deal with isolated letters, including the epistles of John. Special attention is paid to the epistle of James and the first epistle of Peter. A man aim is to examine the–almost exclusively pseudonymic and late–scripures from the multifaceted appearance (Old Testament, ancient Judaism, Greco-Roman literature and philosophy, Paulinic and pre-evangelical traditions) they took through rethinking. The reception of the epistles in early Christian literature is another point of interest. This book, which clearly revives the study of longneglected documents, will be of interest not only to exegetes of the New Testament, but also to scholars specialized in the apostolic fathers and the fathers of the church.