Lives Of Promise par Marguerite Bélanger

Voyage Vers La Lumière Sur Ma Route 7-52/My Journey to the Light on Route 7-52
par Marguerite Bélanger

Voyage vers la lumire sur ma route 7-52-My Journey to the Light on Route 7-52

I wrote this book in bothFrench andEnglishin the same book, in order to reach audiences in all countries where these languages are spoken and read. Today we are living in a world full of suffering. My book offers different solutions that will appeal to a wide range of people. It will bring light, healing and miracles to you when you are ready to accept them!

J’ai crit mon livre pour vous rejoindre tous, dans tous les pays,que vous parliez franais ou anglais. Les deux versions vous sont donnes dans ce livre. Aujourd’hui nous vivonsen souffrancedans ce monde. Mon livre vous offre diverses solutions afin vous plaire.Quand vous en aurez besoin, il vous apportera lumire, gurison et miracles!

Mon but de toute cette recherche a dbut avec mon combat intrieur afi n de maintenir un poids sant. Aujourdhui, je suis en gratitude envers mon corps. Grce ma recherche pour perdre du poids, jai trouv les plus beaux cadeaux du monde. Ce sont le pardon, ma propre responsabilit envers ma vie, ma sant et mon bonheur. mon corps, je lui dis je taime et Merci, Merci, Merci! Pardonne-moi de tavoir jug du matin jusquau soir pendant toute ma vie, du moins depuis cinquante ans. Jai beaucoup de compassion pour vous qui critiquez votre corps et je vous demande de bien le regarder. Il a un si grand cadeau vous offrir au-del de la beaut. Apprciez-le et il saura vous rcompenser, jen suis la preuve. Maintenant je choisis un poids sant et si mon corps dcide de jouer au yo-yo, je ne lui rsisterai plus et je jouerai avec lui. Je choisis maintenant de vivre plein le moment prsent.

Je mords dans la vie!

The goal of all this research started with my battle to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Today, I am grateful to my body. In my research to lose weight, I found the best gifts in the world: forgiveness, health, happiness and responsibility for my life. To my body, I say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Forgive me for having judged you from morning till night during my entire life, at least for the last fifty years. Today I have a lot of compassion for you who criticize your body. I ask that you look at it carefully. It has such a great gift to offer you beyond beauty. Appreciate your body as it will know how to reward you. I am proof of that. Now I choose a healthy weight and if my body wants to play yo-yo, I will no longer resist and I will play with it. I now choose to live life to the fullest and in the present moment.

I embrace life!

Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos. Book Five
par Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Having established in the ontopoiesis/phenomenology of life the creative function of the human being as the fulcrum of our beingness-in-becoming, let us now turn to investigate the creative logos.

In this collection, the momentum of a gathering “creative brainstorm” leads to the vertiginous imaginative transformability of the creative logos as it ciphers through the aesthetic sense, the elements of experience – sensing, feeling, emotions, forming – in works of art, thus lifting human experience into spirit and culture.

Papers by:
Ellen J. Burns, Mao Chen, J.C. Couceiro-Bueno, David Brubaker, Madalina Diaconu, Michel Dion, Antonio Dominguez Rey, Elga Freiberga, Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei, Brian Grassom, Calley Hornbuckle, Lawrence Kimmel, Ljudmila Molodkina, Chiedozie Okoro, Rebecca M. Painter, Aleksandra Pawliszyn, Osvaldo Rossi, Jadwiga Smith, Piero Trupia, Patricia Trutty-Coohill, Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, James Werner, Raymond J. Wilson III.


What you will read is the diary of a young woman with extraordinary and unique destiny. During her childhood she began to see signs and the invisible world then will come the dreams of the sky but the evil will follow her and try to put obstacles to her to harm her as well as malicious people and a satanic society to know who she really is but what they do not know is that this young woman is under very high protection. She is going to live secretly terrible trials and will suffer martyrdom, she will have to escape a psychopathic sorcerer, suffer witchcraft, demons and absolute evil herself because she is coveted but she will not be alone, she will always be accompany and she will meet an extraordinary man who will help him. She will discover the truth about her, who she really is and her purpose in this world. She will get help, extraordinary things, wonderful gifts and travels, visions of the most beautiful, she will be named, she is the key and the one who sees the truth.. I am this young woman and these is my diary that I have held since 2006 where I wrote everything I saw, how I felt, what I received, what I have lived and endured really and secretly. To each his destiny but mine is so out of the ordinary that it will surprise you and I will reveal it to you.. Trailer of the Book Available :