Symplectic Manifolds With No Kaehler Structure par S.D. Chatterji

Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians
par S.D. Chatterji

Since the first ICM was held in Zürich in 1897, it has become the pinnacle of mathematical gatherings. It aims at giving an overview of the current state of different branches of mathematics and its applications as well as an insight into the treatment of special problems of exceptional importance. The proceedings of the ICMs have provided a rich chronology of mathematical development in all its branches and a unique documentation of contemporary research. They form an indispensable part of every mathematical library. The Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians 1994, held in Zürich from August 3rd to 11th, 1994, are published in two volumes. Volume I contains an account of the organization of the Congress, the list of ordinary members, the reports on the work of the Fields Medalists and the Nevanlinna Prize Winner, the plenary one-hour addresses, and the invited addresses presented at Section Meetings 1 – 6. Volume II contains the invited address for Section Meetings 7 – 19. A complete author index is included in both volumes. ‘…the content of these impressive two volumes sheds a certain light on the present state of mathematical sciences and anybody doing research in mathematics should look carefully at these Proceedings. For young people beginning research, this is even more important, so these are a must for any serious mathematics library. The graphical presentation is, as always with Birkhäuser, excellent….’ (Revue Roumaine de Mathematiques pures et Appliquées)

Michael Atiyah Collected Works
par Michael Atiyah

Professor Atiyah is one of the greatest living mathematicians and is well known throughout the mathematical world. He is a recipient of the Fields Medal, the mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize, and is still at the peak of his career. His huge number of published papers, focusing on the areas of algebraic geometry and topology, have here been collected into six volumes, divided thematically for easy reference by individuals interested in a particular subject. From 1977 onwards his interest moved in the direction of gauge theories and the interaction between geometry and physics.