The Forest House par Philip Jodidio, The Images Publishing Group

House with a View
par Philip Jodidio, The Images Publishing Group

Examines the myriad forms of the modern chalet. This book looks at chalets built to respond to not only the mountain environment, but also seaside and urban environments, many even profiling multi-family accommodation in locations across Europe, North America, Australia, South America and New Zealand. It also includes colour photography and plans.

The economy in its house
par Marcel Aucoin

The title- The economy in its house- echoes Xenophon’s book, Oeconomicus, which focuses on the relationship of a house with its environment and not on trade.

Modern Japanese house
par Naomi R. Pollock

Modern Japanese House is an overview of recent domestic design trends in Japan and features an array of projects from a variety of architects, both known and new to the international architecture scene. The projects are divided into five chapters – Tiny Houses, Inside/ Outside, Multi Generation Houses, Work/Play, and Vacation Houses – that reflect the issues particular to residential design in Japan. Architects featured include such familiar figures as Kazuyo Sejima, Jun Aoki, Shigeru Ban, Hitoshi Abe and Shuhei Endo, as well as lesser known practitioners such as Nobuaki Furuya, Hiroshii Nakao, among others.

Antiquity Renewed. Late Classical and Early Modern Themes
par Germain Dondelinger

(Peeters 1995)